I met Tegan and Sara that one time :3 and that time Now Now and I killed the colony Well, WHERE TO START. Cat/17/UK/Female/Gay. Perhaps you should know some of the things I blog about: Tegan and Sara, Paramore, Orphan Black, Now Now, Orange Is The New Black, USWNT, Skins, Video Games, Resident Evil, Kristen Stewart, and loads of other gay stuff. Just so you know in advance, I'm really weird and fucked up, so try not to judge me too hard and maybe we could be friends. With that out of the way, enjoy my blog. (Drop me an Ask or something. Talk to me.) Finally, (sonny gifed a video I took of Sara during nineteen)
January 3rd
12:00 AM

This is my first piece of Tegan and Sara press that I’ve owned, I’m so happy ;_;

There’s also a tatu article in this magazine. IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

110% done

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